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Stone Age

History of man was always connected to stone. Since menhir temples and buildings that remain a mystery to humanity to New York's skyscrapers, man has always used stone to give an eternal form to the shape of its conceptions finding in stone the best expression of artistic creativity.
Stone represents the union of a far away past and of our present and, after thousands of years, we can always say that the "stone age" is not over yet.


Mazzucchelli Marmi works for both architects and carvers. We give artists material and solutions which are able to accomplish their projects as they want. Thanks to the Simplicity™ retailing service, which enhances the quality of our marbles, artists will now shape stone in a new way.
The concept beyond Simpliciy™ is a composing system that gives the vast range of our marble offer a new composing language.

The concept beyond Simplicity™ comes from the intuition of Architect Marco Francesconi and of Designer Massimo Magnolfi: organize space through a cell that, as happens in nature, allows the obtainment of “complex organisms”.
The system is based on a square matrix, of appropriate size to interact with man; its particular design enables it to create infinite architectural elements, by rotating, cutting or flipping its elements: it can be used for floors, tiling of walls, benches, doors, windows and for interior design.
This represents a goal confirming the indissoluble link between architecture and design which can be summarized in the E.N. Rogers motto: "From the spoon to the city".

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